1. Our Temple
    Our home is our Temple
    Our fortress, our castle
    In receipt of inspiration
    Seeking our Eternal destination.

    Across local waters
    Temple high on a hill
    There accomplishing matters
    For ancestors lying still.

    Spiritual faculties awaken
    Dual purposes comes into view
    Inner voices heard beckon
    They bid one fond adieu.

    Our home is our Temple
    Our lives, our example
    We now plan forever
    Our covenants we hold dearer.

    Author: Dennis L. Losse
    I’m an Ordinance Worker in the Seattle Temple

    Thx for your wonderful TEMPLESTUDY.COM

  2. doug losse

    Awsome poem, from an awsome poet,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and may I quote,,,,, “he’s not only an awsome poet,,,,,,,, He’s my older and oldest brother living”…….. thanks for being there Denny

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