1. How far is the KC temple from Liberty Jail as the crow flies? It seems to be no more than a mile or two. What irony there would be if one could see the temple from Liberty Jail.

  2. Depending on where in the Shoal Creek development the temple is going to be built, it looks like it could be from 2-4 miles from Liberty Jail. That’s pretty close, just on the other side of I-35! I’ll add that to the post.

  3. larryco_

    There’s a lot of history in connection with Clay County, and most (all?) of it’s not very pleasant. at least from 1831-39. It will be interesting to see how all will play out as the temple is being built. And no, people, this does not indicate that it’s time to load up your essentials and catch the next wagon train heading to Missouri.

  4. Alysse

    I wish the LDS Church would build a small Temple in Cedar City UT, so all the people in the middle
    of the state could do more work, it is hard to drive up north or to St George UT. That would be great ! We have many small towns close to Cedar City UT that could do more Temple work.

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