1. elizabeth-w

    I recently attended the Twin Falls dedication (Aug 08). It was the first temple dedication I’d been to. I was seated in a stake center, and was prepared to shout–or least not whisper. But there was very little shouting going on-it was all rather subdued. I wonder if it just feels too awkward for us to shout in a place we spend our developmental years being told to “shhhhh!”
    What was your experience at Draper?

  2. I was in my stake center too for the Draper temple dedication session. We had a modest shout, but probably not compared to the early days of the Church. I don’t think we’re as used to shouting praises today. If there ever was a time to shout, it would be for Hosanna.

  3. Marsha Ward

    Today I attended the dedication of the Gila Valley Arizona Temple in my stake center in Payson, Arizona. Our shout was also muted, almost whispered, but I think it may have been so because of the effect of the emotions we were feeling. I know I was tremendously choked up, and I’d say a lot of others were, too.

  4. I, for one, am going to encourage a real shout at the next temple dedication I attend. That would be the Atlanta Temple. I think it is a shame to barely hear a whisper when the shout should be a SHOUT. It is because we are timid and afraid. Well I used to be timid and afraid but no longer. I am going to work with the authorities to implement this. I hope others will join me in this goal.

    I attended the Los Angeles Temple many years ago and the shout was barely audible. I was, as I said, timid and shy. I was embarrassed that I didn’t take the responsibility to change the situation on the spot. This time I plan to change the situation. If I am the only one shouting then so be it.

  5. Miles Hoffmann

    In the October 2000 Conference for the closing message that Sunday Afternoon, President Gordon B. Hinckley let the congregation to perform the HOSANNA SHOUT for the dedication of the new Conference Center in SLC. Then, the actual shout was allowed and definitely audible.

  6. Walter B. Kerr

    I made a comment on March 1, 2011 about my experience at the Los Angeles Temple dedication where the Hosanna shout was subdued. I mentioned my plans to make the Atlanta re-dedication in 2011 different. I contacted stake authorities and unit leaders and let it be made known that the shout has been performed in early years to the capacity of our lungs. I talked to everyone I knew and encouraged a real shout.

    It was worth the effort. Everyone agreed that we should SHOUT not talk. When the time came I was prepared to, if necessary, to start the shout. I didn’t need to. Everyone started with a healthy shout and we all shouted to the capacity of our lungs. What a great spiritual experience. Anyone who wants to can start the ball rolling to encourage a worthy shout. May others become aware of the ease by which the proper way to shout can be implemented.

  7. I remember the Hosanna Shout for the dedication of the Columbus Ohio Temple was somewhat subdued
    yet it was of more than normal talk. Some were more energetic than others, it really should have been louder.
    I was in chapel that was the satellite location for the services. If I get to another location for a dedication,I will
    be more energetic.

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