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The Creation, God Introducing Adam and Eve – An Illustration by Jean Fouquet

Every once and a while I’ll come upon an antiquarian painting, print, fresco, sculpture or other art piece that peaks my interest. This is one of them. This is an illustration by Jean Fouquet from a french translation manuscript of Josephus‘ Jewish Antiquities.  It is entitled, “The Creation, God Introducing Adam and Eve,” and dates […] Now on iPhone, iPod Touch, Android & Blackberry Devices

In honor of my purchase of an iPhone a few days ago, I decided it was time to make more mobile.  Now you can access and read in a much more reader-friendly way just by visiting the website in your browser on your mobile device.  The website will automatically detect the type of […]

Mosaic Tabernacle as an Aaronic Temple

Note: I taught our Elders Quorum class today, and was assigned the topic of the Mosaic Tabernacle as a Temple.  Below are the notes and illustrations I used for my lesson. Review of prior lesson on the exodus: Children of Israel escape Egyptian bondage (Ex. 14) Moses leads them out Parting of the Red Sea, […]

10 Reasons to Remove your Watch When You Enter the Temple

This last weekend in General Conference, Elder Richard G. Scott gave an incredibly good talk about the temple and the importance of temple attendance.  I will break down more of this talk in a future post to glean more from the great insight he gave us. One of his “interesting suggestions” for gaining more benefit […]

Notes from April 2009 General Conference

Below you will find my notes from liveblogging April 2009 General Conference. I had a great time following Conference with many people, and enjoyed seeing the Twitter stream too. Thank you to all those who participated with me. General Conference was priceless!

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