1. Amazing pictures! I need to carve out some time and watch his talk.

    The Saints in Chandler/Gilbert/Mesa are waiting with anticipation for the groundbreaking announcement and picture of the new Gilbert Arizona Temple. I wonder if at some point in the future the computer-generated interior photos will be a part of information released about new temples?

  2. Michael

    I would love to see the virtual drawings like this for the Philadelphia Temple. Since it is going to be a unique design and not one of the current two standard plans, the virtual drawings will make it come alive!

  3. First of all, great talk. Second of all, amazing renderings of the Temple interiors! It doesn’t surprise me at all that they pay that close attention to detail. I can’t even imagine what technology will hold in store for us in the coming decades.

  4. Kendall

    This was a great talk. I’ve played many video games over the years and have learned through time and experience that my time is better spent focusing on my wife and kids. I’m happier. They’re happier. We all win. Also, I know we are continually being warned of danger, but there was something especially concerning when Elder Bednar said, “…I raise an apostolic voice of warning…”

  5. Bethany Klick

    The fact that temples have been photographed before they are dedicated won’t matter so much anymore. We could release photos of the temple’s interior to the public! oh technology is an amazing device for sharing the gospel!

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