Notes on Sacred Space Symposium at Juvenile Instructor

I’ve been taking notes this morning at the Sacred Space symposium at BYU, and was thinking of posting my scribbles.  But instead of reinventing the wheel, you might want to check out the great notes at the Juvenile Instructor blog.  Jared and Ben are doing a fantastic job over there of summarizing the presentations.  I don’t think I could do any better.

I will still probably post about my experience at the symposium, but it will be my own take and thoughts on what was presented.

Juvenile Instructor


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    Thanks for the link, Bryce. Jared and Ben are great at scribbling down notes in real time, and are indeed doing a great job. I’ll keep an eye out for your own notes when you post them, and we’ll reciprocate the link to direct interested readers here.

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    Thanks for the kind comments, Bryce.

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    gracias, amigo.

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