1. This is awesome, Bryce! I had never seen this before! It is very interesting that this image “reflects a vision of Washington that appealed to the American public just after his death.” If that is the case, it is such a shame how far our society has gone from that point (unless you take into account the popular apotheosis of the current president even before his death!).

  2. It’s also interesting to note the pentagrams that surround the painting when you view the entire photo. Might be interesting to tie this in to the previous post “Can You Accidentally Worship the Devil?” where pentagrams are discussed in the comments section.

  3. Ernie

    I am listening to The Lost Symbol on CD on my commute right now and this painting is mentioned in the story. If what the story references is true, Washington and many of the founding fathers were also practicing free Masons. Apotheosis has connections with Masonic teachings so that may also be part of the significance of the painting.

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