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Mormon Temples Made Simple Video

Because of the sacred nature of the ordinances that members of the Church perform in temples, it can be difficult sometimes for us to describe to others what the temple is and what we do inside. I thought the video embedded below gave a good introduction to the temple.  You can watch it below (on […]

The Lord Speaks Again: Ancient Temple Patterns in D&C 124

It is my honor and pleasure to introduce a new guest blogger to, Matthew B. Brown.  Many of you may already be familiar with the great work of this historian, scholar, and author.  If you are not, I heartily recommend his work to you. One of my favorite books on the temple is by […]

Finding Meaning in Sacred Architecture – Lecture by Val Brinkerhoff

Val Brinkerhoff is an associate professor of photography in BYU’s Visual Arts Department, and over the last decade has focused his studies on sacred architecture, particularly of temples.  He’s authored or co-authored a number of books, the three most recent being about finding the meaning of symbolism in sacred architecture.  Yesterday he gave a lecture […]

Prayer Circles and the Power of Group Thinking in Dan Brown’s ‘The Lost Symbol’

(This is a continuation of my thoughts about The Lost Symbol from my previous post.) One of the themes taken up again and again in Dan Brown’s latest novel The Lost Symbol is the idea of power in group thinking and concentration.  Katherine’s character in particular is engaged in the scientific study of producing physical […]

Mormon Impressions of Dan Brown’s ‘The Lost Symbol’

I just finished Dan Brown’s latest thriller, The Lost Symbol, which was published a few days ago on September 15th.  There has been a lot of anticipation surrounding this book, since 6 years have passed since the publication of his bestseller The Da Vinci Code, with 80 million copies sold worldwide to date.  Many wondered […]

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