website launches! logo, a portrait by LDS artist Ken Corbett of President Thomas S. Monson.  Used with permission. logo, a portrait by LDS artist Ken Corbett of President Thomas S. Monson. Used with permission.

My brother and I are pleased to announce the launch of our latest project—the website!  This new website has been in design and development for the past month, and we are happy to finally be able to announce today that it is available. is a website that allows members of the Church to follow the living prophet more closely.  We go from General Conference to General Conference often not hearing or knowing what the prophet is doing, saying, or teaching.  Not long ago, the activities of the prophet were much more well known among the membership of the Church.  The prophet and members lived very close geographically, and members could even meet personally with the prophet.  Today, with over 13 million members scattered worldwide, the activities of the prophet are much lesser known.  Members who don’t live in Utah may only know what the prophet is doing every six months at General Conference. helps to fill that gap of knowledge.  With advances in search technology, we are able to aggregate all public information we find about where the prophet is, what he is doing, saying, teaching, visiting, etc., and post it all in one central place at  Any talks or speeches he gives, we will post links to his words.  Any trips he goes on, we will post information about his visits.  Any temples he dedicates, we will inform you about the events.  Hopefully this will help you feel a closer connection with God’s living prophet, and stay up-to-date about his activities and his counsel.  We believe that in these turbulent times, we will be safe if we stay close to the living prophet of God and heed his word.

More information about the new website can be found on the About page at, such as the ability to “follow the prophet” via Twitter, RSS, email, or Facebook.

We are excited to bring you this new service, and hope you will enjoy it!  Please give us any tips, suggestions, or feedback that you may have that would help us improve the site.


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    Larry Richman, Director of the Church Publications and Media Project Office for the Church, posted a complimentary blog over at LDS Media Talk about the new site:

  2. Eunice Robertson
    Posted November 25, 2009 at 10:10 pm | Permalink

    This is a wonderful idea, especially those of us who live here in South Africa. As you day, we only get to see him via satellite at General conference, and see his words in the church magazines. Thank you so much.

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    Awesome! THANK YOU!

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