1. Terry

    I’ve got almost all of the volumes, but would like dust jackets for half of them, since I had most of them when the kids were little and had a tendency to take the dust jackets off the books and rip them up.

  2. Tony

    I feel, after seeing these all lined up, like I have died and gone to heaven.
    Not to start a drool fest, but you might say that I could easily ‘covet’ these volumes.

  3. That would be awesome to get any of Hugh Nibley’s volumes on audio book. Truman G Madsen’s audiobooks had an impact on me while I was serving a mission.

  4. Daniel Ramos

    I am looking for a CD of Hugh Nibley’s best work on the apostasy and the ancient church. If there is more than one needed to cover these two topics that is fine. I do not know much about this other than that it is to be a present for my son and this is what he is requesting. He has asked for it in CD. Can you help me?
    Thanks, Danny

  5. Ian

    have you thought about talking to BYU and asking to use a sound studio to record it yourself? They might let you do it if you give them rights to it?

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