1. Chad

    Oh SNAP! I’m so excited. Templestudy.com introduced me to Margaret Barker. (I don’t quite recall where or how I came across her work, but this is the most likely source.) Many papers and books later, I’m a huge fan. I love her work. I will definitely be going!

  2. Robert Dishroon

    I look forward to the publications that will come out of this conference. I am so grateful for all the scholarship and instructive learning that comes from the community in advancing our understanding of both ancient and modern temples. When I first went on my mission (Milan, Italy 1987) there were very few resouces available to quench my thirst for knowledge. Until a member of the MTC Italian presidency shared with me FARMS. I was an avid purchaser of their works with every extra dime I had.
    Since being introduced to margret Barker, I have purchase three (3) of her books and will continue to support the other scholars as they help strenghten my love and appreciation for temples.

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