Fireside Discussion Part III on Wednesday Evening

We are planning our third fireside discussion at using Google Hangouts on Air, live online, for tomorrow night, Wednesday, August 22nd, at 7:30pm (get reminded by Google+ here).  Our discussion last week was great; we discussed the Dead Sea Scrolls, the Essenes, Qumran, the Temple Scroll, Jacob at Bethel and the symbolism of Jacob’s Ladder, and some thoughts from Elder Carlos E. Asay.  We should have a great chat this week too, with Professor William J. Hamblin leading the discussion.

In these discussions we talk about the history, principles, and reasons for the LDS temple, and temple worship antecedents in antiquity. Springboarding the discussion will be Andrew Skinner’s book, Temple Worship (chapter 1), which is also available as an ebook for Kindle.  If you would like to be a contributor, or “panelist,” in our discussion, and you have a webcam (or have an iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad or Android), please let me know.  Otherwise you can simply watch the discussion as it takes place here at, on the Google+ event page, or the recording later which will be here at or on YouTube.


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    Please, would a transcript of these sessions be available later?

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    Great question, Francis. Because these firesides are live off-the-cuff discussions, we don’t have anything written down. However, YouTube lets us download the machine transcribed captions that we can share. They aren’t perfect transcriptions (because they were transcribed by a computer), and you won’t know who is talking, but they are something. I hope this helps. Here are the transcriptions from the last two firesides. Simply click to view them in your browser, or right-click the links and choose “save as” to save the file on your computer and then open the file in your word processor:
    Part I –
    Part II –

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    Thank You very much Bryce, you wouldn’t believe how much this link helped… Thanks once again, I look forward to reading others discussions (sorry for stressing you, my mobile device is a little old fashion…)

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