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Unfreezing Our Hearts: Choosing to See the Beauty in Disney’s Frozen

This is a guest post by Raven Haymond, my dear wife. This life, we are taught, is all about choices. Ultimately, this existence can be framed by the choices made in three gardens. It almost reads like a fairy tale. Once upon a time, there was a garden, blooming with all the beauty this world […]

Sanctuary Vesture: A Brief Overview and Comparison

I’m very pleased to welcome another guest post by Matthew B. Brown.  Some of his writings, particularly his book The Gate of Heaven, are what inspired me to study the temple more in depth.  He offers a wealth of insight and learning for the Latter-day Saints. ~Bryce Matthew B. Brown holds a degree in history […]

Expect the Unexpected at the Temple

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, I haven’t contributed much to Temple Study in recent months.  I’ve received emails from readers wondering if I’m OK.  I’m still here, but have had other priorities to attend to.  Until life stabilizes a bit, I won’t be able to get back to blogging.  Toby Palmer has offered to help […]

The Promises Made to the Fathers

My father is on the High Council in the Riverton Utah Stake, and this past Sunday he was asked to speak in a ward about the temple and family history work.  He sent me his talk, and I thought it was good and thought provoking.  I thought you might like it too.  -Bryce By Mark […]

The Lord Speaks Again: Ancient Temple Patterns in D&C 124

It is my honor and pleasure to introduce a new guest blogger to, Matthew B. Brown.  Many of you may already be familiar with the great work of this historian, scholar, and author.  If you are not, I heartily recommend his work to you. One of my favorite books on the temple is by […]

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