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0.41 Gigapixel Photo of Salt Lake Temple

Not to be outdone by yesterday’s 360° Panoramas of Temple Square, Dr. Hamblin has produced probably the highest resolution photograph of the Salt Lake Temple ever made.  It is 0.41 gigapixels, which amounts to 410 megapixels.  Compared with most modern digital cameras which are capable of 2-8 megapixels, this is a super high resolution image.  […]

“Temples and Ritual in Antiquity” SANE Symposium at BYU

David Larsen posted a great notice over at Heavenly Ascents of the upcoming “Temples and Ritual in Antiquity” Symposium that will be held at BYU on November 7th, 2008.  It is being presented by the Students of the Ancient Near East (SANE), and will have both students and top scholars presenting papers on the temple […]

King Benjamin and the Temple

The other article that impressed me from the latest Journal of Book of Mormon Studies, 16/2 (2007), was Donald W. Parry’s “Service and Temple in King Benjamin’s Speech.” Why did it impress me? Because it related subjects in the Book of Mormon to the temple, something that we haven’t seen a lot of yet, but […]

New Temple for Phoenix Arizona

President Monson today announced the construction of a new temple in Phoenix, the capital of Arizona. This will bring the total number of temples operating, announced, or under construction to 140. It is the third temple that the Church has announced this year to be built in Arizona. The other two temples announced earlier are […]

Welcome to Temple Study

This blog was created to sustain and defend the LDS (Mormon) temple, its practices, ordinances, history, etc, with a particular appeal to discussing patterns in the studies of ancient practices. See more about this blog on the About page.

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