Unfreezing Our Hearts: Choosing to See the Beauty in Disney’s Frozen

Anna and Elsa embrace at the end of Frozen.

Anna and Elsa embrace at the end of Frozen.

This is a guest post by Raven Haymond, my dear wife.

This life, we are taught, is all about choices. Ultimately, this existence can be framed by the choices made in three gardens. It almost reads like a fairy tale.

Once upon a time, there was a garden, blooming with all the beauty this world could hold. In this garden lived a prince and a princess who spent their days in the light of the sun, in the shade of the tree, and in the company of Gods. One day, a jealous serpent whispered into the princess’s ear, hissing truths encased in mischief. After listening to the serpent’s words, and after considering the beauty of her present life, the princess made the choice to disobey one of the rules of life in this garden and eat the fruit that would cause her and her children to know the bad with the good, the sorrow with the joy, the toil with the happiness. When her prince found out what she had done, he, too, ate that heavy fruit, for he knew that a life without her was not really a life at all. When their choice was found out, the prince and the princess were cast out of their beautiful garden, into a world of isolation and strife. However, this choice to leave perfect beauty allowed them to know the miracles of family, faith, and repentance. Read More »

Videos of Science & Mormonism Symposium Now Available for Free Viewing

The Interpreter Foundation sponsored a conference on November 9, 2013, entitled “Science & Mormonism: Cosmos, Earth & Man” in Provo, Utah.  It was filmed.  Videos of each of the presentations are now available for free viewing on The Interpreter Foundation’s YouTube channel, or at MormonInterpreter.com.  They are also embedded below. Read More »

Videos Now Available for Free Viewing of “The Lady of the Temple” Conference

Videos of the presentations given at The Academy for Temple Studies conference “The Lady of the Temple,” on October 23, 2013, in Logan, Utah, are now available for free viewing. The videos can be watched in 1080p HD resolution, on the Academy for Temple Studies YouTube channel, on the Academy’s website, as well as embedded below. Read More »

Women, the Priesthood, and the Temple

There has been a lot of media attention in recent days over a small group of Latter-day Saint women who have organized to petition Church leaders that women should be “ordained to the priesthood.”  I’d like to point out a few things about the priesthood, particularly in regard to the temple, and the process of revelation in the Church. Read More »

Homeward Bound: Interpretations of Marta Keen Thompson’s Music

homeward bound

Cover of album “Homeward Bound” by Deutsche Grammophon

This past Sunday afternoon I came across a piece of music that moved me to tears.  I don’t get emotional often, so I was struck by the overwhelming power this song has, which I believe is the result of an exquisitely crafted resonance of lyric, melody, arrangement, and vocal talent combined in perfect harmony.  It’s one of those songs that seems to reach down into the deepest parts of my experience and speak to me on a level usually untapped.  I immediately took a closer look at the song, trying to unpack its meaning, and why it moves me so.  I hope to share some of the beauty that I found.

The song’s title is “Homeward Bound.”  No, not that one, by Simon & Garfunkel.  While a good song, it’s not that kind of song.  Rather, the song I heard is by the composer Marta Keen Thompson, who currently lives in Las Vegas.  She wrote the lyrics and music to this song, and this seems to be her most well-known composition.  Marta wrote some about her song, and who has performed it, on a Facebook page dedicated to the song: Read More »

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