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The Doctrine of Continual Revelation

The emails I receive these days give me ample opportunity to teach the gospel. Below is my response to a fundamentalist. I will explain why you do not understand the doctrine of continual revelation, and why it is leading you away from the truth. First, a scripture: And I do this that I may prove […]

#ldsconf LiveTweeting LDS General Conference at TempleStudy.com

In April I liveblogged LDS General Conference.  This time around I’m just going to include the streaming video feed and the Twitter stream.  Twitter is a bigger conversation of what is going on at Conference anyways.  Members around the world will be tweeting about Conference using the hashtag #ldsconf.  Feel free to join in the […]

10 Reasons to Remove your Watch When You Enter the Temple

This last weekend in General Conference, Elder Richard G. Scott gave an incredibly good talk about the temple and the importance of temple attendance.  I will break down more of this talk in a future post to glean more from the great insight he gave us. One of his “interesting suggestions” for gaining more benefit […]

Notes from April 2009 General Conference

Below you will find my notes from liveblogging April 2009 General Conference. I had a great time following Conference with many people, and enjoyed seeing the Twitter stream too. Thank you to all those who participated with me. General Conference was priceless!

ABC News Reports on Mormons & Temples

A few days ago ABC News did about a 9 minute TV report on Mormons, interviewing Elders M. Russell Ballard and Quentin L. Cook, and discussing issues such as polygamy, Prop 8, and also paying particular interest in the temple.  See the video below.  With the Draper Temple open house running from January 15 through […]

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