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The Relationship between the Ancient Israelite Temple and the Endowment

Professor William J. Hamblin has offered some good starting points in considering the relationship between the ancient Israelite temple ritual and the modern day LDS temple endowment.  It is from this vantage point that we should approach trying to understand these ancient ritual systems and the connections they might have with the Latter-day Saints temple […]

The New FARMS – Interpreter: A Journal of Mormon Scripture

I have been through quite a range of emotions the last few weeks. I’ve felt utter despair, grief, and sorrow, as well as bitterness, confusion, and great disappointment. Through it all I’ve been blessed with comfort from our Heavenly Father beyond measure, and by experiences too sacred to share. It’s been a roller coaster of […]

Attaining the Resurrection in Mortality

The use of those two words together, resurrection in mortality, appears to be perfectly incongruous at first glance.  In our common parlance in the Church we understand resurrection to be something that can only happen after mortality.  The resurrection “consists in the uniting of a spirit body with a body of flesh and bones, never […]

Living the Law of Consecration – Part 3: All Things are the Lord’s

(Continued from Part 2) In order to properly understand the law of consecration, we must first keep in mind two foundational gospel principles: All things are ultimately the Lord’s We are to love God with all our heart, soul, might, mind, and strength Once we understand these two principles we will be prepared to understand […]

Hezekiah Reopens the Temple by T. C. Ducdale

A friend of mine passed along this intriguing painting found in the Ensign of March 1982 (pg. 81, inside back cover).  It is entitled “Hezediah Reopens the Temple” by T. C. Ducdale. It depicts the scene from 2 Chronicles 29 when King Hezekiah gathered together the Levites, told them to sanctify themselves, and commissioned them […]

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