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Are We Required to Live the Law of Consecration, Now?

I hear this a lot from members of the Church.  In fact just two days ago, I had someone ask me this very question after reading some of the quotes from Nibley in Approaching Zion:  “So then are we required to live the law of concecration now?“ To that question I would pose a counter […]

The Economic Crisis Hits Home

My employer just let go 1/3 of our workforce today, which amounts to 7 employees, some of which were good friends.  I am grateful and fortunate that I still have my job.  They will also be discontinuing our national retail brand and line of products, for which I have spent thousands of hours working over […]

San Salvador El Salvador Temple Groundbreaking

The announcement of the building of the San Salvador, El Salvador, temple was particularly moving for me since that is where I served my mission (’00-’02).  The closest temple for members in the country when I served there was the Guatemala City Guatemala Temple.  Making the trip to Guatemala typically took members years of saving, […]

Pōwhiri and Hongi of New Zealand’s Māori: a Sacred Ritual

The title is a bit of a mouthful, but let me explain. I have been a ballroom dancer since I was about 12 years old, or about 15 years.  It has been quite an experience being involved with this subculture of ballroom dance, which has made up a large portion of my life.  During the […]

The Rainbow – A Token of the Covenant

This morning I was listening to the ABC News report on the incoming hurricane Ike, which is heading straight towards the Galveston/Houston area of Texas, and the forecast of widespread destruction that it is provoking.  The news anchor was reporting from Galveston Island, Texas, where the brunt of the storm is said to be bearing […]

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