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Alethiology – How to Know the Truth?

I posted this originally as a comment on a blog post over at Times & Seasons, by David Earl Bohn.  I thought I’d share it here: I understand David Bohn. Scholarship in general does not represent an unassailable uncontested platonic absolute truth, no matter the source from whence it comes. It may be trying to […]

New WordPress LDS Scripture Linker Plugin for Bloggers

For some time I’ve been using the excellent LDS Linker WordPress plugin, developed by Joey Day, to automatically link all scripture references on TempleStudy.com directly to the Church’s online scriptures at scriptures.lds.org.  It worked very well, and continues to be one of the most popular WordPress plugins for LDS bloggers to link their scripture references […]

#ldsconf LiveTweeting LDS General Conference at TempleStudy.com

In April I liveblogged LDS General Conference.  This time around I’m just going to include the streaming video feed and the Twitter stream.  Twitter is a bigger conversation of what is going on at Conference anyways.  Members around the world will be tweeting about Conference using the hashtag #ldsconf.  Feel free to join in the […]

Notes on Sacred Space Symposium at Juvenile Instructor

I’ve been taking notes this morning at the Sacred Space symposium at BYU, and was thinking of posting my scribbles.  But instead of reinventing the wheel, you might want to check out the great notes at the Juvenile Instructor blog.  Jared and Ben are doing a fantastic job over there of summarizing the presentations.  I […]

Sneak Preview of General Conference Liveblog

As I noted a couple days ago, I will be liveblogging General Conference.  This year I’m going full out and changing the design of the blog just for this occasion.  I’m dimming the lights, so to speak, to make a more comfortable Conference viewing experience.  I’m including the video broadcast from the Church, a liveblog […]

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