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Praying Couple Curtain from 5th-6th Century Christianity

The following is a photo of a linen and wool screen curtain (velum) that comes from a monastery at Antinoë (Antinopolis), Egypt, and dates from the 5th-6th century.  It is likely an artifact of the early Coptic Christians.  It depicts a praying couple beneath an apse in a church or temple, with a Coptic inscription written in […]

The Greek Folk Dances: A Reprise

Hugh Nibley once made this audacious claim: “All the arts and sciences began at the temple. Dance, music, architecture, sculpture, drama, and so forth – they all go back to the temple”.  The more I learn, the more I am convinced of that statement. My mind returns again to posts I’ve written in the past about […]

Pilgrimage as a Temple Theme

William Hamblin and Daniel C. Peterson have a regular religion column in the Deseret News.  Their latest article is entitled “Pilgrimage: A sacred journey in search of God.”  They point out that many religions have their own types of pilgrimages towards a holy place, shrine, or temple, where the pilgrim seeks to connect with God. […]

The Oxford Commencement as the Oldest Degree Ceremonies Extant: A Reprise

A couple days ago my mind returned to some posts I made back in the infancy of TempleStudy.com in 2008.  These posts were about the commencement exercises at Oxford University.  Now that seems quite odd, doesn’t it?  What would commencement exercises have anything to do with the temple?  Well let me tell you.  The Oxford […]

Solomon Dedicates the Temple at Jerusalem by James Tissot

I saw this painting online today, and thought it was a striking representation of the dedication of

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