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The Purposes of TempleStudy.com

Recently I’ve had an interesting, yet somewhat disheartening, discussion wherein a reader of this website questioned my motives, goals, reasoning, and aspirations.  If you’d like to browse it, you may begin here. Let it be known far and wide that my desire is that I might, in the smallest measure, be an instrument in the […]

Praying Couple Curtain from 5th-6th Century Christianity

The following is a photo of a linen and wool screen curtain (velum) that comes from a monastery at Antinoë (Antinopolis), Egypt, and dates from the 5th-6th century.  It is likely an artifact of the early Coptic Christians.  It depicts a praying couple beneath an apse in a church or temple, with a Coptic inscription written in […]

The Greek Folk Dances: A Reprise

Hugh Nibley once made this audacious claim: “All the arts and sciences began at the temple. Dance, music, architecture, sculpture, drama, and so forth – they all go back to the temple”.  The more I learn, the more I am convinced of that statement. My mind returns again to posts I’ve written in the past about […]

Anointing Rite in the Orthodox Church

David Larsen at Heavenly Ascents continues to provide excellent notes from his attendance at the Temple Studies Group Symposium in London last weekend.  Recently he posted his notes on Archimandrite Ephrem‘s presentation about the Holy Oil in the Orthodox Church.  Father Ephrem gave out a handout which included detailed notes on the anointing rite in […]

The Traditional Greek Folk Dances and their Ancient Roots

When I originally wrote my paper on “The Genesis of the Round Dance,” I included a short section on the ancient Greek dance forms: The ancient choruses, dances, and songs of the dithyramb of Greece displayed the familiar pattern of a dignified, circular dance around the altar of Dionysus in the theater’s orchestra. In fact, […]

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