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Earliest Reference to Nauvoo-Era Temple Endowment?

One of the most interesting presentations, at least to me, at this year’s 2012 FAIR Conference in Sandy, UT, was Don Bradley’s “Piercing the Veil: Temple Worship in the Lost 116 Pages,” for obvious reasons; it dealt with the temple. I have not been acquainted with Don Bradley’s work before, so this was an excellent introduction. Bradley […]

Hugh Nibley’s on Twitter! And has a Blog

Well, not really.  But it sure seems so!   Nibley’s family organization Hugh Nibley & Associates has organized a Twitter feed and a new blog, HughNibley.net, dedicated to Hugh Nibley’s work.  The Twitter feed includes quotes from Hugh at least once every day, as if he were tweeting, which I’m sure he would scoff at, but […]

What Temples Mean to Mormons – Video

A new short video by the LDS Church about what temples mean to Mormons.

Mormon Temples’ Endowment from Mormon Perspective Video

The late Krister Stendahl (1921-2008), who was a Swedish theologian, New Testament scholar, and a Professor and Dean of Divinity at Harvard University, once addressed the press about one of the Mormon temples that was being built nearby, and spoke about three important rules for religious understanding.  These rules have since been recognized for their […]

Answering Questions about Mormonism

A few months ago we showed a TV news story of an interview with a missionary who, how should we say, didn’t quite know how to answer questions about the Church or the temple, and which just left more suspicion and misunderstanding than it dispelled.  We concluded that we must have a good grasp of […]

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