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Creed Haymond Story of the Word of Wisdom, in His Own Words

Since I was young I’ve often held as my claim to fame that I am distantly related to Creed Haymond (1893-1983, first cousin three times removed), the early 20th century track athlete, whose story about the Word of Wisdom has been told several times over the pulpit in General Conference. I thought that was pretty […]

Mormon Channel Episodes on the Law of Consecration and The United Order

I noted a couple days ago in my discussion about the law of consecration that there was an episode available from the Church’s official Mormon Channel on this topic, as well as on the United Order.  I think these are areas where we, as a people, lack significant knowledge and correct understanding, and I would recommend […]

Are We Required to Live the Law of Consecration, Now?

I hear this a lot from members of the Church.  In fact just two days ago, I had someone ask me this very question after reading some of the quotes from Nibley in Approaching Zion:  “So then are we required to live the law of concecration now?“ To that question I would pose a counter […]

MP3 podcasts and Transcriptions of Fireside Discussions on the Temple

If you are interested in hearing the fireside discussions on the temple we have been having recently as MP3′s, or audio podcasts, instead of watching the videos, the Foundation for Apologetic Information and Research (FAIR) has asked and received our permission to turn them into sound files for the FAIR podcast.  Each FAIR podcast can […]

Reflections on Temple Discussion

Of course many of you know that we had a discussion about the temple this past Sunday on Google Hangouts.  I hope you were able to listen in or watch.  If not, a recording is available. I’m curious to get your feedback on the fireside discussion.  Some questions in my mind are: Was it helpful to […]

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