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Are Church Leaders Accountable to the Membership?

I received an email today which highlights a serious error which I believe runs rampant among some members of the Church, especially those I encounter online. Here are some excerpts from the email which demonstrate the issue: … You should allow this point to be made.  You can always oppose that point, but to suppress […]

Using Google Wave in the LDS Church

Anyone who has been following this blog for some time knows that I love new technologies, and most particularly how those new technologies might be used to benefit the Church and the work of the kingdom of God on the earth.  Last week I received a nomination to the “preview” of the new Google Wave […]

Two More Temples

In case you missed it, President Monson yesterday announced plans to build two more temples, both in Arizona. One will be in Gila Valley, and the other in Gilbert. The LDS Newsroom notes that this will bring the number of temples operating, and in planning or construction, to 139. These are also the first temples […]

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