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The Universal Creation Song

Music is a fundamental part of worship, and was even more so anciently than it is today.  Before the printed word made the sacred word so accessible to the masses, it was passed on from generation to generation orally.  But this was not just the spoken word.  In order for the word to be remembered […]

The Traditional Greek Folk Dances and their Ancient Roots

When I originally wrote my paper on “The Genesis of the Round Dance,” I included a short section on the ancient Greek dance forms: The ancient choruses, dances, and songs of the dithyramb of Greece displayed the familiar pattern of a dignified, circular dance around the altar of Dionysus in the theater’s orchestra. In fact, […]

Temple the Source of All Civilization

Professor Hugh Nibley often taught that the temple was the source of many of the institutions, forms, and trappings of our modern-day society. He once remarked: There is no part of our civilization which doesn’t have its rise in the temple. Nibley also made the comments: So poetry, music, and dance go out to the […]

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