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The Oxford Commencement as the Oldest Degree Ceremonies Extant: A Reprise

A couple days ago my mind returned to some posts I made back in the infancy of TempleStudy.com in 2008.  These posts were about the commencement exercises at Oxford University.  Now that seems quite odd, doesn’t it?  What would commencement exercises have anything to do with the temple?  Well let me tell you.  The Oxford […]

Margaret Barker Interview – Part 7b (Temple in the Modern World)

“We have to try to get through the filter of the later editing… But deep down, there was something there.  I’m mean this [the temple] is a cultural icon, it’s shaped our pictures of the garden of Eden, it’s shaped our pictures of what it is to be a human being.  Because Adam is the […]

Margaret Barker Interview – Part 7a (Location of the Temple)

“…the building of the Second Temple involved leveling a new site… I mean, as far as I can see, the Zachariah prophesies about the mountain becoming a plain and building all that sort of thing, they are implying that a new mountaintop site is to be used for the rebuilt temple. That suggests to me […]

Margaret Barker Interview – Part 6 (Seeing the Face of God)

“The original purpose of the temple pilgrimage, was that you went to the temple to see the face of the Lord. Yea? In the old calendars ‘each of your males will see the face of the Lord’… By the time you’re reading the Masoretic texts as we have now, ‘each of your males will be […]

Margaret Barker Interview – Part 5 (Social Implications)

“… the Old Testament describes idolatry as the work of human hands.  So if you worship the work of human hands, the political system, economics, anything like that, that is idolatry.  The consequence of idolatry, according to the commandments, is that the third and fourth generation suffer from their iniquity.”  —Margaret Barker “A single parent […]

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