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Bird’s Eye View of Temple Square (and others)

Google has recently has added photographs from planes to its “satellite” imagery in Google Maps.  What this means is that many cities in the U.S. now have higher resolution pictures from the sky as you zoom in close, and they are typically more realistic looking since they are at a 45 degree angle. Below is […]

The Traditional Greek Folk Dances and their Ancient Roots

When I originally wrote my paper on “The Genesis of the Round Dance,” I included a short section on the ancient Greek dance forms: The ancient choruses, dances, and songs of the dithyramb of Greece displayed the familiar pattern of a dignified, circular dance around the altar of Dionysus in the theater’s orchestra. In fact, […]

Man Builds Massive Model of Herod’s Temple

The Telegraph reported today about a man from Norfolk, England, who has spent the last 30 years building an awesome, gigantic and highly detailed scale model of Herod’s Temple.  Here are some interesting facts about it: Estimated 33,000 hours to construct Measures 20ft by 12ft Includes 4,000 tiny human figures, with authentic time-period dress 1:100 […]

New LDS Temple Videos Page

There is a very well done 44-minute professional video about LDS temples, and why the LDS Church builds temples, entitled “Between Heaven and Earth.”  Above is a preview of this video.  It is an excellent overview and introduction of the Mormon temples. Also, yesterday lds9999 posted on LDS.net an awesome collection of 125 videos that […]

Virtual Open House for Curitiba Brazil Temple

The Curitiba Brazil Temple public open house began a couple days ago, on May 10th, and will run through May 24th. Can’t attend? Mike Batie has put together another well-done video of official photographs of the outside and inside of this new temple. It does the good service of feeling like you are there. Wouldn’t […]

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