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Hugh Nibley’s on Twitter! And has a Blog

Well, not really.  But it sure seems so!   Nibley’s family organization Hugh Nibley & Associates has organized a Twitter feed and a new blog, HughNibley.net, dedicated to Hugh Nibley’s work.  The Twitter feed includes quotes from Hugh at least once every day, as if he were tweeting, which I’m sure he would scoff at, but […]

TempleStudy.com Now on iPhone, iPod Touch, Android & Blackberry Devices

In honor of my purchase of an iPhone a few days ago, I decided it was time to make TempleStudy.com more mobile.  Now you can access and read TempleStudy.com in a much more reader-friendly way just by visiting the website in your browser on your mobile device.  The website will automatically detect the type of […]

New Ways to Read or Listen to TempleStudy.com

I’ve updated the ways that you can read posts and subscribe to TempleStudy.com.  So you now have multiple methods of reading posts here: TempleStudy.com – this website, of course Full Post RSS Feed – full articles in your RSS reader Summary RSS Feed – introductory snippets of articles in your RSS reader (with a link […]

TempleStudy.com One Year Anniversary

One year ago today I published my first post on TempleStudy.com, my first blog.  And it has been quite a year.  During 2008 I expanded my learning on the temple in leaps and bounds, and was able to share some of that with you as well as learn from you.  I met countless new people […]

TempleStudy.com is now Printer-Friendly

I’m sure some of you have noticed that trying to print out a post from TempleStudy.com produced a not-so-nice looking printout.  The logo was in the wrong place or missing, the sidebar was cut off, blank pages may have been inserted, and it was all a mess.  This is because the blog was built to […]

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