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Introduction to Ancient Temples & Sacred Symbolism

Professor William Hamblin has provided a great introduction to sacred symbolism in ancient temples in a video lecture.  It’s lengthy since it’s a lecture, at 44 minutes, but it is full of great information and insights to be learned.

A Catholic Explains the Mormon Garment

There is an excellent commentary by Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estés, who is Catholic, on the LDS (Mormon) garment.  In her article she describes the garment as not dissimilar to the sacred clothing of many religious groups around the world, including Jews, Catholics (Roman and Eastern), Sikhs, Buddhists, Amish, Muslims, Hindus, Jains, and tribal religions.  I […]

The New FARMS – Interpreter: A Journal of Mormon Scripture

I have been through quite a range of emotions the last few weeks. I’ve felt utter despair, grief, and sorrow, as well as bitterness, confusion, and great disappointment. Through it all I’ve been blessed with comfort from our Heavenly Father beyond measure, and by experiences too sacred to share. It’s been a roller coaster of […]

Running Champion Bernard Lagat and Nandi Initiation

It is fascinating to me all the places that I hear or see or read glimpses of temple theology, the “scattered fragments” of ritual tradition.  As Nibley found out, and taught extensively, these remnants are found all around us, everywhere.  My wife was listening to the radio on the way to the grocery store last […]

Mormon Temples Made Simple Video

Because of the sacred nature of the ordinances that members of the Church perform in temples, it can be difficult sometimes for us to describe to others what the temple is and what we do inside. I thought the video embedded below gave a good introduction to the temple.  You can watch it below (on […]

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