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Interpreter offers an Annual Print Subscription, and Temple Studies

Those of you who like to read materials in hard print, or even if you just like to keep a print copy in your home library, The Interpreter Foundation has announced that they are now offering an annual print subscription to its journal, Interpreter: A Journal of Mormon Scripture. I serve on the Executive Board of […]

BYU Studies Articles on the Temple

John W. Welch, Editor in Chief of BYU Studies, has informed me of a comprehensive list of articles dealing with the temple that have been published in the journal BYU Studies over the years. This is a fantastic collection of LDS scholarship on the temple, dealing with a wide variety of temple-related topics, including book reviews, […]

Death Before the Fall? First Impressions

This is a follow-up to “The Age of the Earth” post, although I suppose that one was really laying the groundwork for this one.  This is where everything comes to a head (like the one shown here).  Was there death before the Fall of Adam and Eve?  It is a very delicate question, because there […]

The Purposes of TempleStudy.com

Recently I’ve had an interesting, yet somewhat disheartening, discussion wherein a reader of this website questioned my motives, goals, reasoning, and aspirations.  If you’d like to browse it, you may begin here. Let it be known far and wide that my desire is that I might, in the smallest measure, be an instrument in the […]

Fireside Discussion Part III on Wednesday Evening

We are planning our third fireside discussion at TempleStudy.com using Google Hangouts on Air, live online, for tomorrow night, Wednesday, August 22nd, at 7:30pm (get reminded by Google+ here).  Our discussion last week was great; we discussed the Dead Sea Scrolls, the Essenes, Qumran, the Temple Scroll, Jacob at Bethel and the symbolism of Jacob’s […]

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