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Creed Haymond Story of the Word of Wisdom, in His Own Words

Since I was young I’ve often held as my claim to fame that I am distantly related to Creed Haymond (1893-1983, first cousin three times removed), the early 20th century track athlete, whose story about the Word of Wisdom has been told several times over the pulpit in General Conference. I thought that was pretty […]

Book of Mormon Testimony Translator

A friend of mine, Steven Lloyd, has put together a great new tool and website.  It is the Book of Mormon Testimony Translator, otherwise known as BOMTT.com.  The site has one simple purpose, to help any member of the Church easily translate their testimony of the Book of Mormon into any other language, so that […]

The New FARMS – Interpreter: A Journal of Mormon Scripture

I have been through quite a range of emotions the last few weeks. I’ve felt utter despair, grief, and sorrow, as well as bitterness, confusion, and great disappointment. Through it all I’ve been blessed with comfort from our Heavenly Father beyond measure, and by experiences too sacred to share. It’s been a roller coaster of […]

Temple Prep Live Google Hangout Fireside Series

I’m sure many of you are aware of the new Google+ Hangout feature, but let me explain briefly. Essentially it is a group video chat, where you can see video and hear audio from all the other participants in the chat. Google also provides a “On Air” feature which will broadcast the Hangout video and audio live […]

Expect the Unexpected at the Temple

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, I haven’t contributed much to Temple Study in recent months.  I’ve received emails from readers wondering if I’m OK.  I’m still here, but have had other priorities to attend to.  Until life stabilizes a bit, I won’t be able to get back to blogging.  Toby Palmer has offered to help […]

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