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Sistine Chapel in Official Virtual Reality Simulation

Several years ago I build a computer generated three-dimensional model and virtual reality walk-through of the Sistine Chapel for a class at BYU. I wrote about this on TempleStudy┬áhere. It appears that the Vatican has commissioned an official virtual reality simulation of the Sistine Chapel that I just stumbled upon, which you can see at […]

Sistine Chapel as a 3D Virtual Reality Simulation

Seven years ago in 2006 I did a project as part of a course at BYU. The object of the project was to produce something substantially creative. I decided to recreate the Sistine Chapel as a computer generated virtual simulation. Since most people may not have a chance to visit the real Sistine Chapel, this […]

Virtual Open House for Curitiba Brazil Temple

The Curitiba Brazil Temple public open house began a couple days ago, on May 10th, and will run through May 24th. Can’t attend? Mike Batie has put together another well-done video of official photographs of the outside and inside of this new temple. It does the good service of feeling like you are there. Wouldn’t […]

Visit the Temples, with Google Street View

Google announced today the addition of “Street View” to the Salt Lake City area of Google Maps. What does that mean? You can now virtually visit any street across the entire Wasatch Front, from Pleasant View to Santaquin. You can drag the panoramic photos around with your mouse and look in 360 degrees, click the […]

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