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Who are we, really?

I came across an interesting blog post the other day, that gave eight philosophical questions that man believes we may never solve.  One of the questions is, “is our universe real?”  I researched many different facets of this question in my 45 page paper, “A Modern Worldview from Plato’s Cave.” In this blog post it […]

Fireside Discussion Part III

Welcome!  This is our third episode of the fireside discussions on the temple, facilitated by Goolge+ Hangouts on Air.  We’re glad you could join us.  Tonight’s discussion is about the first chapter in Andrew Skinner’s book Temple Worship.  You can watch the recording below. Or view the machine transcription here. You can also download an […]

Run to Remember’s Prayer Circle

As I go throughout my daily living, I’m interested whenever I come upon something that reminds me of the temple.  It could be as simple as something that recalls a temple ordinance, a principle that is taught in the temple, or even the temple architecture.  As I read today in Runner’s World magazine, the story […]

Temple Video Series: Part 2a – Three Degrees of Glory (Bronze Laver)

Another great video from David Tayman and David Larsen from their series of videos on the ancient temple. This one begins a discussion of the three degrees of glory, focusing first on the bronze laver. Feel free to share with us your thoughts in the comments below.

Temple Video Series: Part 1 – Sacred Space

David Tayman from the blog Visions of the Kingdom, and David Larsen from Heavenly Ascents, have teamed up to produce a series of short YouTube videos on the ancient temple.  The focus of the presentations will be to explore the nature, function, doctrine and ritual of the ancient temple.  This is done with the purpose […]

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