1. You might be interested to know that a schismatic Latter Day Saint group (going by the name of The Latter Day Church of Jesus Christ was organized in 2006 in England under the leadership of Matthew Gill, who has claimed angelic visitations, restoration of lost authority, and has produced a translation of an ancient text called the Book of Jeraneck that purports to be a record of God’s dealings with the ancient inhabitants of the British Isles. Among other things, the book identifies Stonehenge as a temple used by these ancient Christians and proto-Mormons.

  2. There’s a lot to read, but I like it all.
    Also, I thought about the Temples being a “Gigantic calendar”. In and of themselves they signal what era of time we are living in. We know it is the “latter-days” because the Temple is here.

  3. That is interesting Christopher. It’s too bad they had to apostatize from the Church. Their belief that Stonehenge was an ancient temple is correct, albeit the details around that belief are probably not.

  4. Stonehenge may also be a very large petroglyph demonstrating plasma discharge instabilities seen in the heavens at the time. See Anthony Peratt’s work into plasma cosmology and his “Peratt Instabilities” to learn more.

  5. Stonehenge is only one example of sacred structures erected to recall things once seen in Earth’s ancient skies. Our LDS temples are no exception to this rule. All temples are calendrical or timekeeping devices. They duplicate elements of magnificent celestial apparitions that once stood above the Earth. Many of the early Brethren, prophets and apostles, wrote of this, saying that they learned of it from Joseph Smith. I have a slideshow presentation that explains the relationship of all temples, both ancient and modern. It can all be traced back to the original source in Earth ancient skies. Teaching this truth is one of the primary purposes of all temples. That’s why latter-day temples bear the same star, sun, moon and planet symbols as ancient temples.

  6. I was poking around and saw this theory of what Stonehenge may have looked like anciently, as a building, possibly a temple with a roof. There are a couple of 3D Models at his site: stonehenge.tv

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