1. Jon N.

    Hey Bryce, will notes or a transcript be available for the presentations you were not permitted to record? Great work. Thanks.

  2. Jon,

    I hope so. Dan McClellan said this:

    Papers are being reviewed right now by the RSC and they will put out a publication of their selections. The more they accept, the bigger the publication. It could range from a section in the Religious Educator to our own monograph. Studia Antiqua will pick up a few of the papers not selected by the RSC for the fall 2008 issue. (link)

    I hope these publications include the presentations that we weren’t permitted to record, because they were excellent. David Larsen took some notes on Dr. Parry’s presentation, in addition to the others.

    You are very welcome, Reed.

  3. Bryce,

    Thanks so much for doing us all this amazing service of posting all of these videos here. This is a great resource, especially since it was impossible, even for those who were at the conference, to see all the presentations. You have done an excellent job here.

    It was great to finally meet you at the conference! What a wonderful experience we all had there!

  4. You’re welcome, David. Thanks for presenting your paper at the symposium. You did an excellent job, and brought up some great points to ponder about how the priesthood is depicted in the OT. It was great to meet you too. 🙂

    It’s wonderful to see interest in temple studies grow.

  5. Thanks Bryce, and thanks to everyone who presented papers, recorded video, took notes, or otherwise made it possible for us to check this stuff out.

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