Revelations to Build Temples

Building the Kirtland Temple. Walter Rane, 2003.

Building the Kirtland Temple. Walter Rane, 2003.

Professor Daniel C. Peterson wrote a column in the Deseret News today about temples.  In particular, he focuses on how temples have anciently been revealed through prophets of God, and how that pattern continues in these latter days.  Examples include:

  • Kirtland Temple as was revealed to Joseph Smith, Sidney Rigdon, and Frederick G. Williams
  • Salt Lake Temple was revealed to Brigham Young
  • Smaller temples design was revealed to Gordon B. Hinckley

Peterson concludes, “Temples are a central element in the restoration of all things, and, often even in the details of their origins, they represent powerful evidence for the divine calling of Joseph Smith and his successors.”

Read the article at the Deseret News.

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