1. J. Willard

    Thanks Bryce–that’s an awesome recording! Regarding the transcription (mostly the elipses), I believe the audio says: “Carl Johnson from Michigan, a man six feet one inch tall,” “in the final, which took the six fastest men in the college world, fame and fortune handed me a hard one as I drew lane number two,” “By some strange quirk of events, the 220 trials came,” “Naturally, that had an electrifying effect on me,” “As I finished the race, the clerk of course came up and said,” “Mr. Reynolds, you can see I’m in no condition,” “found the team coach of Syracuse University, went to the top of the grandstand, right over the finish line, where they could get an unobstructed view of the finish. In their long experience, they had found that that is the best place,” “and found that two timers had 21 seconds flat, but that the chief timer had,” “And to the end that we may ourselves seek for a personal testimony” Again, thanks!

  2. Doug Cropper

    I grew up in Creed Haymond’s ward, Cottonwood 2nd Ward. As an Aaronic Priesthood holder I heard Bro Haymond tell this story. The story is true and I heard him tell it myself. It is a great testimony of the power of covenants and the power of living the Word of Wisdom. Doug Cropper

  3. Gayle Petersen

    I recall my dad telling me the story of Creed. It made an impact on my life and on my dad’s. When I realized I would be doing Sharing Time and it was on the Word of Wisdom and it was Father’s Day I knew I wanted to share the story my dad told me when I was a child. I found this recording because I wanted to make sure I told Creed’s story accurately to the Primary children. I really enjoyed hearing Creed tell his story. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Bryce Contor

    Creed Haymond was the mission president of the Northern States Mission in the mid 1940s. My step-father records that when his group of missionaries came to the mission home, President Haymond took them out on the lawn and challenged them to a foot race. At this point he would have been over 50 years old, but even then he left the young elders – many of them WWII veterans – far behind.

  5. Lori allred

    I named son Easton creed Allred never knowing anything of this story. His named after his grandfather creed kindred who was named after creed Haymond. Easton currently is ranked in the top 5 in the us and In 2018 was ranked the fastest miler in the county with a mile time of 4:08. He is avid about his health and keeping the word of wisdom as well. How cool is that??

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