I have received some very gracious acts of kindness and support since I began in January of 2008. I could not be more grateful for the tremendous charity and generosity that have been expressed towards me.

One of my goals with is to be able to reach a point where I can study, research, and write about the temple and related ancient practices and beliefs in a full-time capacity. I love the gospel, the temple, and the scholarship that surrounds these, and would love to devote my time to it. There is so much to be discussed, and we have yet to scratch the surface. But I have a long road to travel until that goal is realized.

Some have inquired how they might help support Some of the best support you could give is through commenting on posts, and adding your insight to the dimension. Another way you might help is by forwarding original thoughts, findings, or readings on the temple that I may write about. Some may even be able to contribute entire guest posts, which would be very welcome. If you would like to support the authorship of the site, I have set up a donation through PayPal that you may use by following the button below.

Thank you for contributing to a positive and faith-promoting study of the temple.