1. Reed Russell

    The only official statement I’ve been able to find from the Church on the new program is at this link on LDS.org. Do you know of any others?

    There is a great new DVD that is sent out to leaders in the temple districts that have rolled out with it.

    It features Elder Marlin Jensen who gives an overview of the new features and how to use them.

    Also included on the DVD are specific instructions to bishops, HP group leaders, etc. from Elder Jensen – kind of a FAQ deal – along with a few instructional PDF files.

    It is a wonderful, wonderful new site. The church keeps making things easier for us by adapting new technologies.

  2. Mike Provard

    One clarification to your bulleted list: The last item that states that temple cards can be printed at home is not entirely correct. At home, once names have been selected and prepared, you print out a Family Ordinance Request (FOR). This sheet of paper lists the names of the persons ready for temple work and a bar code. A person would then take this sheet to the temple where the bar code is scanned and ordinance cards are printed.

  3. Dear Bryce,
    I was trying to locate the New Family Search as it’s been a while since I logged in but couldn’t remember how to find it. (The one where we submit family names for temple work.) I have used it before and it is wonderful. As a convert (of now 35 years) I love being able to share that which has changed my life, the gospel of Jesus Christ, with my loved ones who have passed on. As I said I was not able to find the correct website but I did stumble upon your video about Temples and watching it made me cry. Thank you for presenting such a beautiful video where members can be uplifted but where also those who are not members of our faith, can watch and learn so much about why temples are important to us. Thank you.
    With kindest regards, Gina Johnson , Gilbert, AZ

  4. Over the past 2 1/2 years, I have spent nearly 2,000 hours with New FamilySearch–beta-testing, teaching at our family history center, helping patrons, and cleaning my family tree. Several family history consultants asked me to write a manual for teaching New FamilySearch in their wards.

    So, I have posted a 66-page manual, entitled How To Use New FamilySearch Correctly, in PDF format, at http://www.usingfamilysearch.com, from which any New FamilySearch patron is welcome to print it.

    It provides tips and Do’s and Dont’s. Chapter 3 identifies the most efficient order of tasks to clean your family tree (so you won’t be so overwhelmed). The manual also reviews New FamilySearch’s future plans, and it evaluates the third-party software programs.

    I will update it whenever there is a major revision to New FamilySearch, which is about every 3 months. (The next should be in early November.)

    I offer it to your readers and hope it will help many.

    Best regards,

    George W. Scott
    Orem, Utah

  5. Shelby Carter

    I am looking for my Great Grandmother who was part Cherokee Indian. Her first name was, Sabrina, Sarina or Sweeney with a maiden name of Scott and married name of Kirk. I have been searching for her for years and have come up with no information other than her name on my Grandfather’s social security application with the spelling of Sweeney. Any suggestions where I might be able continue to search for her?

    Thank you,
    Shelby Carter

  6. Colati Draniatu

    I have input names of my dead ancestors for temple ordinances.How do I get them to be included in the tempple list for temple ordinances?

  7. Carl P Meglan Jr

    How do I log into the New.FamilySearch.org to Input my family names and print out temple cards? I have not been on the site for two years. You’ve changed a lot since then. I can’t access the many names I have entered and the Templke work already done on them. Help?

    Brother Meglan Columbus, OH

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