New LDS Temple Videos Page

There is a very well done 44-minute professional video about LDS temples, and why the LDS Church builds temples, entitled “Between Heaven and Earth.”  Above is a preview of this video.  It is an excellent overview and introduction of the Mormon temples.

Also, yesterday lds9999 posted on an awesome collection of 125 videos that he has been putting together of all the temples around the world. The amount of work he must have put into this project is staggering to think about.

I have made a new permanent page, Videos, to begin collecting all of these great videos in one place. I have placed a link to this Videos page on the top navigation bar. On this new page I will continue to gather links to all temple videos as I come across them.

Mike Batie has also contributed fantastic videos of temples (including interiors) on YouTube, and I have included those also. In particular, I have added his video of the Nuku’alofa Tonga temple, and another video of Various temples, that I haven’t featured here before.

Thanks to all who are sharing their testimonies of the gospel and of the temple online in so many different ways.

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