Margaret Barker Interview – Part 2 (Temple Studies)

“It’s very interesting, isn’t it? There’s something called the SBL [Society of Biblical Literature] that’s existed all this time with nothing about the central theme of the Bible, which is the temple. I mean, that should make everyone stop and rub their eyes in amazement, I think. But here we are.” —Margaret Barker


Margaret Barker and others are setting up a Temple Studies Group, to convene one-day symposia on temple themes. These are open to anyone interested in Temple Studies. The first, Melchizedek in Scripture, Liturgy and Tradition, will be held on Saturday 8 November 2008, 10am-4pm, in Oxford.  Speakers so far are Crispin Fletcher Louis, Robert Hayward, Laurence Hemming, Margaret Barker.  Details of venue and cost to be announced here soon.

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