1. Brother Hamblin is great. I gotta share this short story. I took his Middle Eastern history class about five years ago and he always loved to talk about the Mongols and other Central Asiatic tribes. He then also mentioned his son’s mission to Mongolia all the time as well. One day, he brought in some replica artifacts from Central Asia and showed us pictures from when he was in Mongolia when visiting his son on his mission on powerpoint. He then showed us a picture of him on a Mongolian horse with a bow and arrow, demonstrating why the Mongols has such good archery range on their horses. One of the students in the class, probably me, noticed that he was wearing the exact same outfit while riding the horse in Mongolia that he was wearing to class that same day. I think I asked him if he has just taken the picture and he got a kick out of it. Trust me, it was funny, but you had to be there!

    Field trip to Oxford in November?

  2. Thanks, Bryce, for posting this! It is great to hear such an intimate and personal conversation with Margaret Barker! Dr. Hamblin is a lucky guy! Speaking of Dr. Hamblin, I almost didn’t recognize him in this video–with the beard and all (of course, I haven’t seen him in person since 1999). My goodness, this conference on the Temple in November sounds amazing! I wish I could be there. Great job, Bryce!

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