1. I could easily set up a webcam and broadcast these live on the internet from my laptop. Most of the time when I ask, they tell me no. Maybe I’ll ask again.

  2. brandt

    1. They really need to put this in podcast format. This would be a wonderful find on iTunes, and I know many would love to have this.
    2. Any rumors of Boyd Peterson presenting? If Zina’s presenting, would he be there?

  3. Tia

    Thanks for advertising this! My husband and I went and really enjoyed it! We both love the book Rough Stone Rolling and were so excited to hear from Bushman in person. We even stayed after and shook his hand. Now we plan to go each week.

  4. Hi brandt,

    1. I agree that a podcast would be great, but I doubt they will go that far. Having it available on the Maxwell Institute website would be a great start!
    2. It does not look like Boyd Petersen will be presenting, just his wife, Zina. Although I’m sure Boyd will be there.

  5. Hi Tia,

    I’m glad you were able to make it to the lecture. I greatly enjoyed it as well, and plan on attending most of the lectures. I learned more about the Prophet Joseph Smith from Rough Stone Rolling than I have from any other publication; it really increased my testimony of the divine call of that man. I’m actually working on a project related to Rough Stone Rolling that I started over a year ago, but I haven’t finished. Hopefully I’ll be able to get it done soon. I think it will be valuable to students of Joseph Smith history, and those who’ve read Rough Stone Rolling.

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