1. Wow. That’s nice. Saves all the time of doing links manually. I’ve put it on my blog and will play around with it for a while to see if I like it.

  2. Pretty Cool.

    As a heads up, I updated my blog to 2.9.1 just after installing this and I ran into the blank admin pages. I narrowed things down to this plugin, then narrowed things down to carriage returns after the final ?> in your php file. I removed those and things appear to be back to good.

  3. Antony

    It looks good. Suggestions:
    1. Verse Numbers hyperlinked to the the scripture in context (link through to scriptures.lds.org for example).
    2. The ability to drag the box into the place you want, useful when you want the text on screen while reading the post and you need to move the box out of the way.

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