“The Temple on Mount Zion” Conference

In honor of Matthew B. Brown who passed away unexpectedly last year there will be a conference next month on September 22, 2012, from 9:15am – 5:30pm entitled “The Temple on Mount Zion.”  It will be held at the Provo Public Library.  Br. Brown was originally organizing this conference, and I chatted with him briefly about it in the months before his passing.  Matt was very excited about the potential in temple studies, and he always had very interesting new insights to share about the temple.  I’m glad to see this conference coming to fruition.  Thank you David Seely and William Hamblin for organizing this.

William Hamblin shares news of this event on his blog, including the program and abstracts.

With this conference and the other temple studies conference in Logan in October, we should have plenty to discuss over the coming months!

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