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This blog was created to sustain and defend the LDS (Mormon) temple, its practices, ordinances, history, etc, with a particular appeal to discussing patterns in the studies of ancient practices. See more about this blog on the About page.


  1. Thanks. It took me a while to find this theme. But it is great. It was built by Ian Stewart from a template theme called Sandbox from plaintxt.org. This derivative is called Essay. From there I tweaked some of the graphics and some other things. My main goal was to make the site very easy to read, with good typefaces, and with lots of white space and white color to reflect the symbolism of the temple.

  2. Benjamin

    I like this wonderful website. I wish the internet had existed and that I had access to this site back when I was on my mission during the mid 1980’s. Thank Heaven for Dr. Hugh Nibley’s books that were so beneficial in helping me understand the Temple back then. I really got a tremendous amount out of reading them and that (along with scripture study, prayer, meditation, fasting, etc.) helped me understand the Temple better. If I had the cash I would donate to this site. It’s a one of a kind, unique website that is much needed. Thank you all for providing such a good place to access much needed information.

    My best,

    Benjamin Clark

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