1. This is really good to show people, especially those who are not LDS and not familiar with temples. Sometimes people not aquainted with the temple think it is a secret what goes on inside LDS temples. It isn’t.

    We perform vicarious baptisms for the dead (mentioned in the New Testament) in the baptismal font, like the one shown in this video. We are sealed (married) in the sealing rooms, like those shown. We also participate in a ceremony called the Endowment, in the rooms shown, where we learn more about the Plan of Salvation, the Atonement, our place and role in it, and a brief history of the creation and beginning of the Earth.

    For any that would like to see a temple, there is probably an open house for a temple nearby you soon. I would suggest checking the LDS temple page for more info.

  2. You are right. While there are sacred parts and details of the temple experience that we do not share outside the temple, the general facts of what we do there are not hidden. The missionaries of the Church teach investigators from the beginning, before they are baptized, of the vicarious ordinances of baptism for the dead, sealing of families for time and eternity, and of the endowment where we learn more about the Atonement, the plan of salvation, and how we can return to God’s presence.

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