1. virginia

    I have been searching the web for three hours, trying to find out what the symbol is on the palms of the Tian Tan Buddha statue. While I can find many, many links to articles, postings, blogs, etc., which reference the Tian Tan Buddha and symbols of Buddhism, all omit what would be to me the most interesting information, i.e.; the symbol in the center of palms of the Tian Tan statue–how weird is that??? People note the svastika on the chest, the third eye, etc., etc., — Has no one noticed the symbol in the palm of the hand?

  2. Virginia

    Thanks for your response and link to the Jainism article. I have a photo but can’t figure out how to post it here??? I believe you are right about the symbol though. I found a drawing when I googled images for Tian Tan Buddha which shows the hand and the symbol looks most like the wheel in hand in the Jainism Wikipedia site. The picture is posted on artinaday.blogspot.com

    Thanks again!

  3. Virginia

    Wow–you found the drawing, and yes, it is a graphite drawing. I guess we’ll never know what the symbol is on Buddha’s palms??? I’ve thought of phoning a Buddhist monastery to see if they know. Thanks for your interest, and, one great thing for me is that this dialog about Buddha’s palms led me to discover Jainism. Not for religious reasons; it’s just fascinating to learn about the evolution of cultures.

  4. The symbol in the hand is the karmic wheel (you can see a picture here. There are 8 pegs that represent the Noble 8-fold Path of Buddhism, by which you turn your own wheel of karma according to your actions.

    I learned this by attending lectures and ceremonies at a local monastery. That is also where I first came across images of the mudras on a wall in one of the shrine rooms, which was devoted to honoring the lineage of patriarchs of their particular sect of Buddhism (Wei-yang).

    BTW, I started visiting this monastery because I realized one day that I had biases against Buddhism and they were based entirely on hearsay (mostly from fearful, misunderstanding Christians), the same way they get all their information about us Mormons, and I didn’t want to do the same thing to others. I learned so much from the classes, free books, and conversations, that I now have a deep love of Buddhism. I highly recommend the experience. Note: Buddhism is as diverse as Christianity. I attended a branch of the Dharma Realm Buddhist Association, which practices zen. They are very humble and sincere people. Of all forms of Buddhism I have come across, Mahayana will probably be the most familiar to Mormons, doctrinally. You may be surprised how many things are similar to the True Gospel.

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