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  1. Mark Greene

    Very interesting discussions on baptism and salvation or exaltation. Perhaps there are degrees of baptism as taught in the rings of righteousness in 3 Nephi 17. Clearly those who sincerely repent and receive authoritative baptism by water for the first time receive a remission of their sins at that time. For most of us after this initial water baptism, sins occur in our lives again. If we repent and live to the point of having no more desire for evil (Mosiah 5:2), and never fall away again (Alma 23:6), and bury all our weapons of war (Alma 23:7; 24:16-17), are we not then baptized by fire and the Holy Ghost that “our hearts may be purified” (Mosiah 4:2)? Is not this baptism ultimately a temple endowment where we receive the fullness of the Holy Ghost (D&C 109:15) in preparation for the second comforter? Then we enter into the realm of calling and election made sure. Does this calling and election not ultimately require celestial marriage? I think the answer to this question answers your original question.

  2. David


    We as Mormons always talk about the Highest degree or Lowest degree in detail, but NEVER the middle and what it would be like in comparison . Example, we have THREE degrees within the Celestial Kingdom ( Temple Marriage for Highest- Baptism for the Lowest) so the 2nd level is left?? does the endowment get us into the second highest level??

    Telestial kingdom As we’re also told the glory of the telestial surpasses all understanding. What about the Terrestrial Kingdom ?? so much is said about the Celestial Kingdom and Telestial Kingdom but not enough the about the Terrestrial and how life would compare. if the Telestial kingdom surpasses all understanding then the Terrestial must be alot better.

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