New Temple for Phoenix Arizona

President Monson today announced the construction of a new temple in Phoenix, the capital of Arizona. This will bring the total number of temples operating, announced, or under construction to 140. It is the third temple that the Church has announced this year to be built in Arizona. The other two temples announced earlier are going to be built in Gilbert and Gila Valley.

There are already temples in Mesa and Snowflake, Arizona. The new temple in Phoenix will be relatively close to the temple in Mesa, and the temple announced for Gilbert, but will serve the membership in the West Valley, whereas the Mesa and Gilbert temples will serve those in the East Valley. You can see the location of the five temples in Arizona on the interactive map below.

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  1. I had heard rumors that a temple for the West Valley would be announced soon, so I am not surprised to hear that a temple will be built in Phoenix. I would imagine the temple will be built so it is close to residents in Glendale and other West Valley cities.

  2. Jessica

    “relatively close to the temple in Mesa” by who’s standards? for those of us living out in the west valley, it takes over an hour to drive out to Mesa so a temple out here will really be a huge blessing. I know that an hour doesn’t seem like that far for people in other states, but imagine our disappointment a few weeks ago when a temple was announced in Gilbert, just 9 miles from the Mesa temple and we hadn’t heard about the Phoenix one yet.

  3. I think “relatively close” means compared with the temple journeys of a majority of members of the Church throughout the world. There are many members who have to travel for several days, on crowded buses, across country borders, using entire life savings, in order to go to the temple, and many of these only get the chance once during a lifetime, if at all. So compared with these, an hour’s commute across the city in an air conditioned car is “relatively close” indeed. Temples are placed in locations where the “demand” is the greatest from active temple patrons, not necessarily to decrease travel times, although that has become a greater focus since President Hinckley’s vision of smaller temples. Most of us in the United States are immeasurably blessed by the relative proximity of temples to our homes.

  4. Michael Molloy

    I have heard that the new location will be at 51st Ave. and Pinnacle Peak Rd. After looking at the big empty lot next to the chapel on the same corner I would guess that the Temple would be a medium sized or a mini temple maybe like the Redlands CA temple. Just a guess based off of a rumor.

  5. pablo castillo

    soy miebro de la iglesia mormona de guatemala estoy en phoenix AZ y nececito la direccion de un templo de phoenix lo e buscado pero no lo encuentro

  6. Becky Coen

    Do we now know were the Phoenix temple will built at this point- and where the Gila Valley temple will be built- is it closer to Tucson?

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